Friday, March 27, 2009

What a rush preparation for dinner:p

It was 3.30 pm on 21st March '09 when i have a called telling me that we will attended an annual dinner at Pulai Spring Resort. The dinner will be started at 7pm and my deary will going to fetch me around 4.30pm..

Oh my God..i rili panic at that moment.thinking on so many things i need to do.what i'm going to wear????how bout my hair??is it enuf time to set it up?my make up?duhhh!!!!!i'm so in a hurry....hurry up!!!!

Yeah..i'm ready to go for it!

Then,luckily i have bought 1 simple new mini dress which i bought after half day working at CS.Never thought that i'm going to have dinner that day.Lucky me.although,i don't have a nice heels to match with my dress but i have to settle for it.with juz simply match my dress with purple heels from vincci.Actually, if i have enuf time i'm going to buy a nice boots to match with the dress.It's ok..will attend the dinner simple and nice:)

The dinner was so great and i rili njoy myself..the foods were so nice and love the deserts so much.yummylicious..i was njoy the activities which has been organize by the organizer; such as the cat walks couple, dancing and the great performance by the students.They were so sporting:)

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  1. dedet! i mish you..mane ta update blog pon niy?