Friday, March 27, 2009

What a rush preparation for dinner:p

It was 3.30 pm on 21st March '09 when i have a called telling me that we will attended an annual dinner at Pulai Spring Resort. The dinner will be started at 7pm and my deary will going to fetch me around 4.30pm..

Oh my God..i rili panic at that moment.thinking on so many things i need to do.what i'm going to wear????how bout my hair??is it enuf time to set it up?my make up?duhhh!!!!!i'm so in a hurry....hurry up!!!!

Yeah..i'm ready to go for it!

Then,luckily i have bought 1 simple new mini dress which i bought after half day working at CS.Never thought that i'm going to have dinner that day.Lucky me.although,i don't have a nice heels to match with my dress but i have to settle for it.with juz simply match my dress with purple heels from vincci.Actually, if i have enuf time i'm going to buy a nice boots to match with the dress.It's ok..will attend the dinner simple and nice:)

The dinner was so great and i rili njoy myself..the foods were so nice and love the deserts so much.yummylicious..i was njoy the activities which has been organize by the organizer; such as the cat walks couple, dancing and the great performance by the students.They were so sporting:)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My bro's engagement on 7th March 2009

It was a very surprised for our family to hear the decision form my bro, Jonathan to get engaged.We was so happy that finally he has made a very great moved in his life.To be honest,my bro before was a very crazy,wild and naughty person until he met with his lovely fiance, Jacqueline Susan in his life.His fiance has managed to changed my bro to become a better person and knows to be responsible in his life.thanks to his fiance.Jacq...welcome to our family:)).We are very greatful that you willing to be part of our family and chose my bro to become your life partner.I hope that both of them will be blessed and their new chapter in their life will goes smoothly.

I'm sure that not many knows how is Bidayuh (one of ethnic in Malaysia) celebrate thier engagement ceremony.Maybe my blog today will help a lil on the overview of how Bidayuh from my area (serian) works on the engagement.Maybe it's far more simple compared to the malay tradition. We do not have so many "hantaran".it's enough with a pair of rings, "wang hantaran" and a pair of kain batik.but,it's depand on the man's side to give some other things if the afford to give it.and depands on the requirement of the girl's side on what should be given for the engagement.All the cost for the engagement ceremony will be supported by the guy's side.

Our "rombongan" was welcomed by Jacq's father. I was holding the rings for the engagement:)

My dad was giving a short introduction on the "visiting purpose". Then it was followed by the girl's dad to give the permission to let her daughter getting engaged to my bro.

It's time to put on the ring to partner's finger.Before that, there was a blessing ceremony lead by our church member and the rings as well as the couples were blessed.

It's time for my parents to give some gifts to the girls's parents. The most important thing to be listed in the gift was "kain sarong/batik". It is a must.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

feeling a lil bit moody.. shall i start my words..i'm feel a lil bit lonely and moody.really miss my family so much.wish i'm so near with them.i really hate this kind of feeling.makes me want to cry..huhu:(

my housemates went out to celeb8 their friend's birthday.i don't have the gut to join them.feel not in the mood.don't know why...probably i miss my hometown kuching,sarawak.or more specific..serian.